I am a published writer and have also written articles for various publications on a variety of themes from coffee to herbs to travel. In addition I have written and illustrated 2 books.

Wild Iris Herbal Handbook

Written and illustrated by Sandy Mitchell

Wild Iris Herbal Handbook is not just about the trials the gardener Iris has with the snails, a love sick neighbour and a mutinous daughter it is also a witty introduction to growing and using herbs for the modern gardener.

Published by Quivertree 2003

Published by Xlibris 2009

Balaclava Boy

by Jenny Robson, illustrated by Sandy Mitchell

Why is the new boy at school wearing a balaclava? The other kids are intrigued and come up with all sorts of theories, but every single one is wrong. As their curiosity grows, Tommy’s new friends think of a plan to reveal his secret, but you’ll never guess what it is.

Feeling Sheepish

Written and illustrated by Sandy Mitchell

Gertrude cannot stop wondering about the way people talk about sheep with saying like “the black sheep of the family”, and “just like sheep”. She feel it might be better to go and live with the farm family, but the novelty soon wears off when Gertrude gets stuck in a compromising situation. Who will save her?