About me

My journey with Dru Yoga and Buteyko breathing started after I had Covid. Being Asthmatic I have always been on the search for natural ways to manage my asthma and a bad bout of covid lead me to research further. Eventually I stumbled upon Butyeko breathing, which teaches functional breathing to assist asthma and various other illnesses and nervous conditions. I next came across Dru Yoga as a gentler approach to Hatha Yoga. This yoga school is relatively unknown in South Africa, but I was quickly drawn to sign up to their online classes. Dru Yoga has been running in the UK for about 45 years. As I came to love Dru Yoga so much I wanted to share it with others and I discovered that I could train to be a Dru Yoga teacher online. Whoppee!

I have completed my 200hr training and continue with other courses to improve my knowledge of yoga. One of these is the Dru Breathwork course which I am know certified to teach. However I decided to take this further and enrol with the Burteyko Clinic International and am currently completing their training course.

My passion for correct breathing is brought into my yoga classes, where I endeavour to teach habits that my students will take into their daily lives and not just in the class.

Some trivia

I am a published writer and illustrator. I’ve even had some cartoons published!
I like to think I’m the coolest surfer in Muizenberg. As yet no public poll has been undertaken. (Thank goodness!)
I love the peaks and slopes of Table Mountain and its fynbos. I’m the one breathing all the way up and down through my nose. (You too can do this!)
I have 4 chickens and persist with being a very mediocre vegetable gardener.
I am slowly becoming like my Mom and sew nearly all of my clothes. Just don’t look too closely.
I have a devoted husband, who is my best yoga student and guinea pig, one step son, a daughter (who faithfully attends some classes) and a son who is more interested in jumping off buildings…